Scarf Cirle A La Kondre The Blues

39,95 incl. BTW

Scarf Cirle A La Kondre The Blues

39,95 incl. BTW

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Scarf Circle scarf A La Kondre The Blues.

This scarf can’t be missed so dare to be noticed!

A bestseller in our accessories assortment! Suitable for all seasons.

Fabric: Wool and cotton blend.

We used different prints to make every item unique!

Size (lenght x width=+-250x50cm). Visible label.

You can wear it oversized or style it like a cape.

Or wrap it around you a few time for extra warmth.

We named it A La Kondre because it is a mix of different prints and colors.

A la kondre means a bit of all countries.

Scarf Circle Scarf A La Kondre

Look stylish and make heads turn even during the cold and rainy days.

This scarf is inspired by Lenny Kravitz. Trendy but edgy.

If you are looking for a new warm scarf you have found it.

All items are unique and handmade in Amsterdam.

Therefore difference could be possible!

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Nomi by Naomi creates a unique fusion between people,

cultures, fashion and lifestyle. Inspired by Africa, designed in Amsterdam.

That’s the philosophy behind the brand.

The first Nomi By Naomi Collection debuted in spring 2008.

It showed a mix of colorful fabrics used in modern urban designs.

Nomi by Naomi’s collections embody an effortless but elegant, Afrocentric lifestyle.

The items are marked by Nomi design print and pattern mixing.

There is a love for fine detailing and the combination of different opposites.

From her very first collection onwards, Naomi has created modern iconic pieces.

Such as the hooded scarf and the statement pencil skirt.

These items which are and continue to be, cornerstones of women’s wardrobes.

Power pieces that can take women from day to evening wear in no time flat.

Her designs inspire women to feel smart, confident and unique.

Nomi by Naomi has been recognized by various fashion capitals.

Also, she has presented her collection at iconic catwalk events such as:

Nomi by Naomi is not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle!

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