Red Afro Dress

44,95 incl. BTW

Red Afro Dress

44,95 incl. BTW

Don't worry

SUMMER is near!


Rock it sporty with some sneakers or classy with killerheels!

This red dress makes you want to enjoy the summer in style.

If this tunic is not in your size we could make it for in any collor combination send us an email at .

All items are unique and handmade in Amsterdam.

Therefore difference could be possible!

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Nomi by Naomi creates a unique fusion between people,

cultures, fashion and lifestyle. Inspired by Africa, designed in Amsterdam.

That’s the philosophy behind the brand.

The first Nomi By Naomi Collection debuted in spring 2008.

It showed a mix of colorful fabrics used in modern urban designs.

Nomi by Naomi’s collections embody an effortless but elegant, Afrocentric lifestyle.

The items are marked by Nomi design print and pattern mixing.

There is a love for fine detailing and the combination of different opposites.

From her very first collection onwards, Naomi has created modern iconic pieces.

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Weight 2000 g