A Bespoke Tailoring design by Naomi is something every woman and man should experience! Your ideas, desires and vision combined with years of experience, a special eye for details and a unique modern style create the most special B Nomi fashion items!

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B Nomi works with excellent high quality fabrics. The designs come from the hand of Naomi Rosheuvel herself who also keeps a close watch on the realization of your garment. We work with B Nomi designs out of which a client can choose from and give it their own style by picking and placing fabric and color as they desire. But at B Nomi we can also start from scratch and create a whole new design costume made for you! The garments are produced in our atelier by the hand of qualified designers and sewers.


We work by personal appointments giving every client the time, privacy and attention they deserve. Fittings are also scheduled to make sure your Bespoke tailored Nomi item is guaranteed a perfect fit but also still meets your desires (which in real life can differ from what was sketched). For a Bespoke Tailoring appointment you can call +31687328805 or email us at info@nomibynaomi.nl