Naomi Rosheuvel, born in Paramaribo, Suriname (South America), had the ambition to be a global lifestyle designer from a very young age.

After she completed her studies in Interior design, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), she started working on her real passion: designing fashion, creating a fusion between different continents.







Inspired by Africa, brought to South America, designed in Amsterdam. That’s the philosophy behind the brand. Nomi by Naomi creates a unique fusion between people, cultures, fashion and lifestyle.

The first Nomi By Naomi Collection debuted in spring 2008. It showed a mix of colourfull fabrics fused in modern urban designs. Nomi by Naomi’s collections embody an effortless but elegant, Afrocentric lifestyle, marked by Nomi design print and pattern mixing, fine detailing and the combination of different opposites. From her very first collection onwards, Naomi has created modern iconic pieces, such as the hooded scarf, the ‘pannelbodycon’ dress and the statement pencil skirt, which are and continue to be, cornerstones of women’s wardrobes, and can take women from day to evening wear in no time flat. Her designs inspire women to feel smart, confident and unique, where she herself is inspired by the strong, confident and independent women of our past and present modern society.

Nomi by Naomi has been recognized by various fashion capitals and has presented her collection at iconic catwalk events such as:

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, African Fashion Week Barcelona, Amsterdam Fashion Week, MAFB Fashion Show to name a few.

She has also been invited to some of the biggest fashion events on the calender: New York African fashion week, Paris African Fashion week and Design Ndaba in Cape Town, South Africa.

Nomi by Naomi is not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle! With this vision in mind the designer is extending her brand with different lines to meet the need of every audience living this lifestyle.

B NOMI stands for Bespoke Tailoring designed by Naomi for ladies and gentlemen. Naomi recieves her clients on appointment to discuss and brainstorm regarding their look and style. To assure a tailored fit that fulfills the desires of our clients and the high standards of B Nomi fitting sessions will be scheduled. Your tailored piece will make you feel beautiful, confident and definitely make you be noticed! See more of B NOMI or for a Bespoke request email us at:

U NOMI stands for Urban and Unisex casual clothes. This collection consist of sweaters, sweat pants and t-shirts for both young men and women, who dare to stand out and be noticed! You can now buy U NOMI online in our webshop.

And it does not stop here! Naomi is also working on a (highly requested) childrens collection which will be presented at the end of this year.

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